I paint to only one standard, SMRSContemptorIIand that is to the best of my abilities. Every model from the lowly infantryman to the mightiest tank receives numerous layers of blending and highlighting, and every part is delicately picked out in exquisite detail.

To give you sort of an idea what the cost will be on your commission, I charge per base, starting at 20.00 for a 25mm standard infantry model (smaller stuff like grots are less expensive) and $40.00 for 40mm models. Character models tend to be more expensive, especially with those with a lot of details, usually $45 for 25mm bases and $80 for 40mm bases.

 Bigger models, such as those on 60mm bases, bikes/cavalry, and vehicles, are generally on a quote by quote basis. The size and level of detail on these can vary wildly, and I want to make sure I can provide you with as accurate of a final price as I am able.  Don’t be too scared by the unknown, though- I am 110% committed to giving you a fair price and exceptional service!

 Included in the total cost of commission is cleaning and assembly as I do prefer to work on non-assembled models (though if they’re already built I can still work with them).

Basing is also included in the price, and I will work with you to find a scheme that suits your tastes and your army’s theme, including a gravel/sand mix, rubble, and cork “rocks”. Basing can be more elaborate at your discretion, though pricing may change to reflect this. In the case I need to order in a special basing material for your commission, for instance a specific color/brand of flock, the item will be added to the final PayPal invoice.

Finally, the commission price includes a multi-layer varnish, consisting of a durable gloss protective coat, and a Matte spray. This gives the models durability, while retaining the desired matte finish. Eyes, gems, and other such areas are then picked out in an ultra-high gloss varnish.

 All work will be kept updated on various sites, including my progress log on DakkaDakka, Tumblr, and Facebook. I will also maintain contact through email in order to answer any questions regarding the project. Should you ever have questions or concerns, contact me immediately and I’ll do my best to address the issues ASAP!

For detailed pricing, please contact us for a quote.



If a model is broken while in my care, I will replace it without question. If it should arrive in a damaged state, photo evidence will be supplied, and either I will do what I can to repair it, or I will buy a new version and add it onto the bill, sending the damaged version back with the rest of the commission.

If they are damaged while shipping, it is not something I can reverse or refund. Even though I do my best to pack your models securely, I am unable to monitor them once they leave my hands!


When sending us models, I recommend at least getting tracking on your packages. I cannot be held responsible for lost mail!

For clients in the US, I charge a shipping/packing cost of $10 except in the case of very large commissions (a Baneblade, for instance), which would be calculated in the quote for such a model. I always ship with tracking, and pack the final models very carefully to ensure they survive the trip unharmed.  International shipping is on a quote by quote basis, but is generally around $20 at the most basic or $45 with tracking and delivery confirmation.


All transactions are through PayPal Invoices.

Before work begins, I require an initial down payment. This is variable depending on project size, and is normally around 25% of the total commission. This is NON-REFUNDABLE.  The payment amount will then be subtracted from the final invoice.  Upon completion, I will send you a final invoice. After receiving payment in full, I will then ship it out to you within a day or two and will send you a tracking number if applicable


IMPORTANT:  After project completion, I will wait up to two (2) months for payment. If payment is not received by that time (and if I have been unable to reach you via email), the models will NOT be returned. Please understand that much time and effort go into bringing your project to life-  I just ask for respect and payment for my time!