BiopicHi! I’m Andrew- the owner/operator/painter/brushslave of Rollin’ All Ones!

  My wargaming journey began in 2009, when I was given the Attack on Black Reach set for my birthday. I immediately took to the Orks, loving the ramshackle nature of their machines and the brutal ferocity they brought to the table in close combat! (This was in 5th edition, mind, so the mad craziness that is the game now was naught but a glimmer in Matt Ward’s eye!)

I had always been interested in building car models as a kid, so it came as no surprise that the building and painting would become my favorite aspects of the hobby.  I very quickly took to the world of miniatures, and soon won several local and online painting competitions!

Nowadays, I can be found licking my paintbrushes and busily converting up my own Orks and Space Marines. I may not be much of a player anymore, but I still love to paint! From Eldar and Space Marines in 40k, to entire armies from Dropzone Commander, my portfolio is ever growing and is constantly being updated. Since I began taking commissions back in 2012, I have had the pleasure of working with clients all around the globe, including painting studio miniatures for On the Lamb Games, in particular their games Endless: Fantasy Tactics and Brushfire.

I am always looking for the next awesome project, so if you have one in mind, definitely give me a shout! I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading, and as always- keep rollin those ones!